(190) Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers in Oregon, United States

Lifeways Inc Residential SUD Treatment Center

Lifeways Inc

Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness

Center for Human Development Inc

Copes Clinic

Burns Paiute Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program

Independence Place

Community Counseling Solutions

Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center Behavioral Health Program

Copes Clinic

Umatilla County Human Services

Umatilla County Human Services

TM Counseling and Consulting

ORTC LLC Pendleton Treatment Center

Lake District Wellness Center

Community County Solutions

Community Counseling Solutions

Community Counseling Solutions North Office

Lake District Christmas Valley

Community Counseling Solutions

Community Counseling Solutions

Community Counseling Solutions

Choices Recovery Services LLC

Rimrock Trails Treatment Services

Rimrock Trails Treatment Services Prineville Residential

Pfeifer and Associates 1 Inc

BestCare Treatment Services Redmond Residential

New Priorities Family Services

BestCare/Latino Services Programa de Recuperacion de Madras

Turning Points Recovery Services Inc

Bend Treatment Center

Serenity Lane Bend

Rimrock Trails Treatment Services Bend Outpatient

Transformations Wellness Center

BestCare Klamath Basin Recovery Center

Klamath Tribal Health and Family Servs Youth and Family Guidance Center

Mid Columbia Center for Living

Mid Columbia Center for Living

Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health

KOLPIA Counseling Services Inc

Phoenix Counseling Center Inc

Medford Comprehensive Treatment Center Medford

OnTrack Inc Dads Program

OnTrack Inc HOME Program

White City VA Rehab Center and Clinics

Addictions Recovery Center Outpatient Services

Medford Treatment Center

Addictions Recovery Center Rogue Valley Fresh Start Detox

OnTrack Inc Medford Outpatient

Addictions Recovery Center Christine Mason Residential Program

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