(6756) Twelve Step (12) Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers

Twelve Step (12) Alcohol Rehab Centers


What is the Twelve Step Program?

The Twelve Step program is a set of guiding principles that are designed to help individuals overcome their addiction to alcohol. The program was first developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), a mutual support group that was founded in 1935. The Twelve Steps are based on spiritual principles and emphasize the importance of admitting powerlessness over alcohol, seeking guidance from a higher power, and making amends for past wrongs.

How Does the Twelve Step Program Work?

The Twelve Step program works by providing individuals with a structured approach to overcoming their addiction to alcohol. The program emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, acceptance, and personal responsibility. The Twelve Steps are designed to help individuals recognize the negative impact that alcohol has had on their lives, and to develop new coping strategies and behaviors that promote sobriety.

What to Expect from the Twelve Step Program?

The Twelve Step program typically involves several steps, including:

  • Admitting powerlessness: The first step in the Twelve Step program is to admit that you are powerless over alcohol and that your life has become unmanageable as a result of your addiction.
  • Seeking guidance: The second step is to seek guidance from a higher power, such as God or a spiritual advisor, and to ask for help in overcoming your addiction.
  • Making amends: The tenth step involves making amends for past wrongs, such as apologizing to those you may have harmed as a result of your addiction.
  • Continuing support: The Twelve Step program emphasizes the importance of ongoing support, such as attending regular meetings and working with a sponsor, to help individuals maintain their sobriety over the long term.

Get Help For Alcoholism

The Twelve Step program can be a valuable tool for individuals who are struggling with alcoholism. By providing a structured approach to overcoming addiction and emphasizing the importance of personal responsibility and ongoing support, the program can help individuals achieve and maintain sobriety over the long term. With commitment and dedication, individuals can overcome their addiction to alcohol and lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Twelve Step (12) Alcohol Treatment Centers

Western Pacific Med Corp Western Pacific North Hollywood

McLeod Addictive Disease Center Inc Concord

Beacon House Association of San Pedro Lighthouse

Addiction Recovery Care Association

Refine Recovery

Step By Step Care Inc

Western Pacific Re Hab Western Pacific Reseda RH

Freedom House Recovery Center Facility Based Crisis and Detox Center

ALT Recovery Group 2

Western Wake Treatment Center

Turning Point of Central California Kern Day Reporting Center

Fayetteville Treatment Center Metro Treatment of North Carolina LP

Rylist Inc La Ventana Treatment Programs

Relief Integrated Healthcare

WestCare California Inc

Family Medicine and Rehab Center

Prototypes Womens Center Ventura County

Dixon Social Interactive Services Inc

American Indian Health Services Counsel Lodge

Standing Rock Treatment Program Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

Aegis Treatment Centers LLC

ADAPT Inc Grand Forks

New Dawn Treatment Centers Residential Rehab

Prospect House

BAART Behavioral Health Services Inc Bi Valley Medical

Lumiere Healing Center

Sobriety Brings A Change

Recovery Centers Inc

Skyway House Outpatient

HopeSource Jay Hash LLC

Seascape Recovery Center Elevate Addiction Services

Community Medical Services Columbus on Dublin

Ujima Family Recovery Services Ujima Central

Community For New Direction Alcohol and Drug Outpatient Treatment

Summit Estate Recovery Center


Bi Bett Corp Southern Solano Alcohol Council

Health Recovery Services Inc Hocking County Behav Hlthcare Servs

Saint Marys Center

Foundation for Living

Ohlhoff Recovery Programs San Francisco Outpatient Program

Spero Health

Campobello Chemical Dependency Recovery Center Inc

Catholic Charities Diocese Cleveland Covenant Youth Dual Diagnosis Services

Healthy Moms Program

Catholic Charities Diocese Cleveland Midtown Youth Chem Dep

Centennial Mental Health Center Inc

Circle Health Services

Cedar Springs Hospital New Choices Dual Diagnosis Program

Lake Geauga Recovery Centers Inc Chardon Outpatient

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