(2154) Short-term Residential Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers

Short-term Residential Alcohol Rehab Centers


Short-term alcohol rehab centers allow you or your loved one to get the fully immersive and distraction-free help you need for your alcohol use disorder in a more abbreviated timeframe. As effective and necessary as residential alcohol rehab can be, the reality is that not everyone can logistically enter a long-term residential program for 30 days or more.

Short-term inpatient rehab provides quality clinical care and a safe and comfortable environment for more limited durations when needed. These types of programs can be an ideal solution for those battling serious alcohol use disorder who can’t be away from their lifestyle obligations for too long or who don’t have financial resources for long-term care.

What Happens in Short-Term Alcohol Rehab?

While each facility will have different lengths of stay, depending upon their resources and patient guidelines, short-term residential rehab for alcoholism will often last anywhere from one to two weeks. You or your loved one will receive expert and supportive behavioral therapy from qualified and passionate mental health professionals who are experienced in the behavioral pathology of alcohol use disorder.

Short-term residential rehab may also offer case management services to help you through the logistical aspects of your treatment, as well as coordination of medical detox to help you get medical assistance for your withdrawal symptoms.

Is Short-Term Rehab Right for Me?

If your drinking has gotten to the point at which it’s impacting your life, and you can’t stop even though you tell yourself you’re going to, it’s time to get help. Short-term rehab can provide in-depth care in a briefer span of time than other treatment options like traditional inpatient or even intensive outpatient options. It’s generally covered, at least partially, by private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. It can be easy to blur the lines between casual drinking and a serious problem, but eventually, the signs become impossible to ignore. Get help before your problem worsens.

Short-term Residential Alcohol Treatment Centers

WellSpace Health Residential and Withdrawal Management

Advent Group Ministries Summit Ranch

Positive Progression Inc

VOTC Inc Visions of the Cross Mens Residential

Epiphany Residential

Campobello Chemical Dependency Recovery Center Inc

Crossroads Turning Points Inc

Golden Peak Recovery

New Prospects Co Occurring Program

Community Health Resources Putnam Pathways-New Life

JourneyPure Emerald Coast

Operation PAR Inc Detoxification Program

Advent Health Hope and Healing Center

Charlotte Behavioral Healthcare Inc

Coastal Detox Inc

Seaside Palm Beach

Summit Detox Inc

Evoke Wellness LLC

Guidance Care Center Inc

Way Sober Living Apartments at GraceWay Recovery Residence

New Horizons Counseling

Family Guidance Centers Inc

Family Guidance Centers Inc Branden House

Gateway Foundation Chicago West

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois Addiction Treatment Center/Kenmore

Regional Mental Health Center Strawhun Center

Centerstone of Indiana Inc Lexington CRC

First Resources Corporation Tx and RC

Community and Family Resources

DCCCA Inc Womens Recov Ctr of Central Kansas

City on a Hill

Communicare Inc EAST Center/Womens Center

ARC Addiction Recovery Care Crown Recovery Center Dominic Hall

New Day Center Residential

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) Creekside

Brookside Outpatient Services

Edgefield Recovery Center

Avenues Recovery Center at Covington

Day One New Gloucester House

Mountain Manor Treatment Center Baltimore Inpatient/Outpatient

University Psychological Center Recovery Network

Addiction Campuses Swift River

Charles River Recovery LLC

Baldpate CSS

Guiding Light

Liberty House Recovery Center

Salvation Army Harbor Light System Subst Abuse Ctr/Women/Children/Men

Harbor Oaks Hospital

Project Turnabout

Wings Adolescent Treatment Services

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