(6226) Vaping Not Allowed in Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers

Caron Treatment Centers Teen Phase II Services

Educational Therapy

Choices Recovery Program Wilkes Barre Behav Hosp Company LLC

A1 Counseling Center Inc

Treatment Trends Inc Keenan House

Sunrise Centre

Trehab D and A

Zumbro Valley Health Center Connections and Referral Unit/Detox

Consortium Inc Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Program

Integrations Wellness and Recovery Center

Jefferson Outreach Program Department of Psychiatry

Healing House New Hope Center

Wedge Medical Center

Juel Fairbanks Chemical Dependency Services

Libertae Inc Liberty Halfway House

Anthony Louis Center Blaine

Hogar Crea Sabana Grande

Saint Josephs Medical Center Focus Unit

Servicio de Tratamiento Residencial Adolescentes/Sustancias (SeRA)

Thunderbird/Wren House

Centro de Salud Conductual Menonita CIMA

Womens Wellbriety Center

Hogar Crea Humacao

Communicare Lafayette County Main Office

MAP Behavioral Health Services Inc

Jackson Comprehensive Treatment Center

Miracle Hill Overcomers Center

Preferred Family Healthcare Inc

Fairfield Behavioral Health Services

Compass Health

New Life Center Commission on Alc and Other Drug Abuse Services

Compass Health Outpatient

South Strand Internists

Family Counseling Center Inc

Anpetu Luta Otipi/Kyle Campus Comprehensive Substance Abuse Program

Compass Health Inc

Memphis Recovery Centers Inc Adult Services

East Central MO Behavioral Health Arthur Center Behavioral Health

McDowell Center

Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health Salem Center


CenterPointe Hospital

Centerstone Dr Bob Vero Center

Preferred Family Healthcare Inc Adolescent CSTAR Program

Volunteer Behavioral Health Livingston Campus

New Day Inc Adult Treatment Program

Peninsula Substance Abuse Services

Fort Belknap Chemical Dependency Prog

Frontier Health Watauga Mental Health Center

Youth Dynamics Inc Lewis and Clark Youth Home

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